2015 / 92m - Japan
Senritsu Kaiki File Super Kowa Too! Dark Mystery: Snake Woman poster


April 18, 2023


The second film in the Senritsu Kaiki series reboot. Also the final one (I think, because keeping track of Shiraishi's output is quite the challenge). It's decent enough, but I understand why they didn't continue this project. After the climax of the main series, these singular episodes feel a bit barren and simplistic, turning them into pretty generic J-horror films.

Kudo receives another video from one of his fans. Sakurai is a recluse who runs into a strange girl when he's shooting a video close to the beach. Smitten by the woman he follows her home, where he discovers something quite peculiar is going on in her household. The girl turns out to be a yokai, so Sakurai calls on Kudo to help him out.

The lore here is pretty fun (snake women and UFOs), but the horror elements are too generic and it just isn't scary enough to leave a strong impression. That's nothing new of course, but at least the main series built up to an outrageous finale, this is just another very basic Yokai encounter. It's perfectly fine if you're after some decent Shiraishi horror filler, but the man can do better than this.