2007 / 111m - USA
Drama, Romance
September Dawn poster


May 15, 2021


A dark page in US history. This film is supposed to be quite controversial (it being based on a true story), but the cheesy, overly sentimental direction and the poor delivery take much of the venom out of it. Unless you're heavily invested in whatever this film is trying to critique, it's hard to see anyone being too upset watching this.

Settlers and Mormons butt heads in this film. Rather than peacefully live together, they seem unable to put their differences aside. Against this backdrop a tepid romance between a boy and girl develops. It's a good old Romeo and Julia story, one of the biggest tearjerkers I've seen in quite a while.

The direction is really weak, performances are incredibly overstated, and the drama never feels genuine. The film's criticisms on religion and human nature are quite crude, and the romance just wasn't that convincing. I didn't care one bit for this film, then again I didn't expect much with Cain helming this film.