No no Nanananoka
2014 / 171m - Japan
Seven Weeks poster


May 09, 2021


One of Ôbayashi's later undertakings in his career. Seven Weeks is a very ambitious film (clocking in at nearly 3 hours, better make sure you're ready for it), but the mix of serious drama and Ôbayashi's kooky fakeness didn't really work for me this time around. There are some inspired moments here, but as a whole it didn't quite work.

Set in the town of Ashibetsu, the film revolves around the funeral of Suzuki. His family gathers there and stories from the past are dug up, as they generally are during funerals. It gives Ôbayashi the chance to deal with some deeper themes, like death, love and Japan's tragic war history.

There are some pretty shots here, sadly the characters stick out like sore thumbs, often completely breaking the illusion. Ôbayashi has some neat directorial tricks up his sleeve, but they break up the drama and take away from the more serious moments. It doesn't often happen, but it seems I prefer Ôbayashi's older work.