Qi Nian Zhi Yang
1987 / 82m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
Seven Years Itch poster


January 30, 2015


One of To's absolute weakest films. Seven Year Itch is a typical 80s Jing Wong project, only this wasn't half as random, mental, or bonkers compared to Wong's trademark comedies. And as a more straightforward comedy, films like these just aren't any fun. A few famous actors and predictable situational humor is all this film has to offer, and even that it squanders.

Willie and Sylvia have been married for seven years. The romance has disappeared from their relationship, and they both start to worry about their future. Willie sees his chance when he has to go to Singapore for work. There he tries to hook up with Lam, a crafty thief who wants to take advantage of Willie's gullible nature.

Raymond Wong isn't terrible and Eric Tsang is perfect for his part, but that's about it for the positive feedback. The plot is dumb, the ample misunderstandings are annoying, and the presentation is third-rate. Unless you're a major Hong Kong comedy fan, or you just want to complete To's oeuvre, there's no good reason to prioritize this film.