Also known as
Sing Gam Do See
Hong Kong [2004] - 101m
Comedy, Romance
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September 28, 2009


Another one of Jing Wong's flimsy attempts to cash in on something popular. Wong is clearly hoping to localize the Sex and the Cities template here, but the result is pretty half-arsed. Rather than a modern/contemporary look at a couple of women in the big city, Wong tries to relive the heydays of the 80s (apart from some crass dialogs).

Selina is approached by an ex-boyfriend, who wants her to take care of his unwieldy daughter. Selina is a psychoanalyst and promises to help out, though when she gets together with her friends, a group of young women who are facing their own (romantic) woes, you can't help but wonder if it's going to do her any good.

The cast tries to make the best of it, but it's not that easy porting the Sex and the City concept to Hong Kong. Most actors appear a little lost, and Wong has no idea how to make it relevant. There are only a handful of decent moments, including a short cameo by Tony Leung, apart from that this is little more than bland filler.

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