2010 / 146m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Sex and the City 2 poster


February 10, 2024


I didn't care for the series and I hated the first film, so my expectations were pretty low going into this sequel. It turns out the franchise hadn't hit rock bottom quite yet. This sequel is horrendous in just about every way possible, but seeing how it was still a mild box-office success, I guess they managed to fool enough people.

The gang (except Samantha) is married now, and married life is taking its toll on these once-dashing women. When Samanta arranges an all-expenses-paid trip for the four of them to Abu Dhabi, it sounds like the perfect escape, but of course, they run into all sorts of trouble when they get there.

The comedy is in bad taste, the performances are shabby (I can't remember them being that bad in the series, but I might be mistaken) and with a runtime of 150 minutes, the film is excessively long-winding. There are no redeeming qualities here, no moments that make it bearable in any way. Terrible.