2008 / 145m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Sex and the City poster


November 21, 2020


I wasn't entirely oblivious of the Sex and the City series. I don't think I ever watched a full episode, but I saw bits and pieces back when it first aired. It wasn't really surprising they ended up making a film sequel, but how they ever imagined they could draw it out to 150 minutes is completely beyond me.

Carrie is finally getting married. It's not the most daring or exciting topic, especially not for a film based on a series about a woman obsessing over finding the perfect man, but what did you expect. From there on out the maker go back in series mode and basically ramble on for a good two and half hours.

The character feels milked and unexciting, the comedy is absolutely terrible, the endless male vs female bickering is tiresome and the runtime is a big joke. Maybe if they'd manage to condense it into 90 minutes, maybe if they'd got some better writer, more familiar with the movie format, who knows. Hard to sit through.