1953 / 118m - USA
Drama, Western
Shane poster


October 31, 2020


This was absolutely dreadful. I'm not a fan of westerns to begin with, but coupled with crude, sentimental drama it truly becomes a new level of awful. I've never watched Little House on the Prairie (so I can't really compare), but Shane was exactly what I faired that series would be.

Shane is a former gunslinger who gets tangled up in a conflict between some poor farmers and a couple of wealthy ranch owners. Shane picks the side of the farmers, a choice that will ultimately lead to a bloody confrontation. Don't expect too much action though, because the drama takes the upper hand in this film.

This is by far one of the ugliest films I've seen. Harsh and unflattering colors, poor cinematography, bland camera work. The soundtrack is feeble, actors appear wooden and feel like lazy caricatures. And the sentiment is so terribly kitsch that it overwhelms everything else. Awful, awful film.