Also known as
Baishunfu Maria
Japan [1975] - 67m
Directed by
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March 04, 2021


A very mediocre Wakamatsu. The remnants of his 60s work are still clearly visible, but it's like looking at the remains of a burned-down house. Some passing references to his more rebellious work are completely overshadowed by endlessly repetitive sex scenes. I guess the pinku format finally got the better of Wakamatsu.

The plot is pretty bare bones, following a girl named Maria who prostitutes herself in Shinjuku. When she meets Hiroshi things are looking up for Maria, but her controlling nature brings them both on the edge of despair. With the police on their tales, there's really only one possible outcome.

The soundtrack is pretty distinctive and the finale, which tilts more towards crime and drama, is a step in the right direction. The first hour or so is pretty mind-numbing though, unless you get excited by uninterrupted moaning. This film felt like Wakamatsu in survival mode, a film unworthy of his status.

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