1963 / 101m - USA
Shock Corridor poster


August 30, 2021


Mental illness through the B-film lens. Possibly triggering for some, since the film isn't very subtle, nor does it try to be realistic. That's besides the point of course, this isn't exactly a serious drama, instead Fuller serves a nightmare with a lead who ends up in a downward spiral of angst and confusion.

Johnny is a journalist who wants to win a Pulitzer and is willing to go the extra mile to get one. He gets himself committed into a psychic ward where the sole witness of a murder was placed. The longer he remains in the ward, the more Johnny starts to believe something is actually wrong with him.

The performances are exaggerated, the plot is pretty unsubtle and the sequences where Johnny slips into insanity are more than a little crummy. The pacing is decent though and Fuller does commit to the insanity, but it's not quite enough to turn this into a great and worthwhile film. This type of film has been done a lot better since.