Caak Daan Jyun Ga
2017 / 119m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
Shock Wave poster


September 04, 2017


With so many Hong Kong directors moving to China to earn a living, a big void was left where there used to be a slew of blockbuster releases. An ideal opportunity for Herman Yau to move up some ranks and get to work with bigger budgets and actors. And looking at Shock Wave, he is more than capable enough to pull it off.

The film focuses on Cheung, a respected member of the bomb disposal squad. He infiltrates a gang and thwarts their evil plan. The leader of the gang escapes and disappears. Exactly one year later he returns and contacts Cheung. With his latest plan he manages to take the whole of Hong Kong hostage, it's up to Cheung to stop him.

Grand Hong Kong blockbuster action done well is always amusing. Andy Lau is the perfect good guy, Wen Jiang a lovely bad guy, the action scenes are pretty tense and the budget is put to good use. It's not a very remarkable film, but if you're looking for some expensive, well-made amusement then this film won't disappoint.