Also known as
Krótki Film o Zabijaniu
Poland [1988] - 84m
Crime, Drama
Directed by
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A Short Film About Killing poster


February 21, 2022


The last major Kieslowski film I still had to watch. His films are very hit-and-miss for me, usually depending on how much effort he put into the visuals. A Short Film About Killing is one of the better ones, though it goes slightly off the rails towards the finale. It's a shame, as the first half was pretty nice.

The film brings three people together. Waldemar is a middle-aged taxi driver whose primary care is making a buck, Piotr is a young lawyer who finally passed the bar exam and Jacek a wanderer who just arrived in Warsaw and loves to stir up trouble. A fateful meeting between Waldemar and Jacek will determine the trio's future.

The strong, sepia-colored images are a sight to behold, and the main attraction of the film. Use of color and lighting are pretty great, though as the film shifts to a more philosophical approach, the focus on the visuals lessens. Those who care for that sort of thing won't mind, but it left me disappointed in the second half.

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