2022 / 100m - USA
Action, Comedy
Shotgun Wedding poster


January 31, 2023


A romcom setup that turns into an action/comedy. The idea is fun enough, but the execution isn't quite as fun or funny as it was conceived to be. Lopez's poor comedic performance has a big part in the film's failure, but the lack of goofy secondary characters isn't helping either.

Darcy and Tom invited their families to a private island in the Philippines, where they plan to get married. Tom tried to come up with the perfect wedding, but his plans are thwarted when pirates take over the island. Darcy and Tom are having a little private row when it happens, which makes them the only ones left on the island to save their families.

There are quite a lot of obvious jokes that might have worked with a stronger lead duo, but now they fall flat as Lopez constantly fails to deliver a good punchline. The action looks pretty fake too and the film lacks any truly zany characters, but the setting is pleasant and the mood is light, so it's not all bad.