2022 / 89m - USA
Shut In poster


February 22, 2022


A basic thriller that seems a little unsure of where to take its premise. The added drama feels forced, and the thriller elements never create the level of tension necessary for a film like this to be truly successful. It's not terrible filler, at the same a few simple improvements would've made this a much better film.

After rehab, Jessica returns to live with her two kids. She can't make ends meet and the house her grandma left is too shabby to live in, so she decides to move away. Her ex-husband is still battling his addiction and when he finds out she's taking his kids with her, he locks her in the pantry.

It's interesting to see Vincent Gallo make his return, but his part is small and doesn't really add much. The other performances are mediocre, the direction is a little flimsy and the actions of the characters feel a dim and unmotivated. Not a bad film (except that overly cheesy epilogue), but not very memorable either.