1990 / 90m - USA
Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation poster


December 22, 2020


After having seen the first one, I immediately skipped to the fourth entry in the Silent Night, Deadly Night series, mainly because it was directed by Brian Yuzna. Not that I'm the biggest Yuzna fan, but he usually manages to add something unique to his films. He certainly succeeded here.

What started out as a slasher series becomes a weird, occult creature flick. Ricky (from the first film) still hangs around, but part 4 is about a cult of women who are all about being reborn and getting rid of men. The cult's latest victim is Kim, an aspiring journalist who struggles to land a serious job.

The performances are really bad and the plot makes no sense at all, but the effects are quite gruesome and the body horror is a pleasant surprise. This is not by any means a great flick, but the second half has some pretty freaky scenes, and it doesn't take too long before the madness starts. Fans of body horror and/or creepy crawlers should definitely check it out.