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Japan [1999] - 79m
Crime, Drama, Romance
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November 12, 2004


An anomaly in Miike's oeuvre. It's one of the rare films he directed where nothing much hints at his talent. It's not even one of his earliest works, by then he had already made a couple of future classics. There really isn't any excuse for the poor result, unless you're a true Miike completist I would probably advise against seeking out this film.

The plot doesn't make a lot of sense, then again that's not really the film's biggest problem. Jun is the world's strongest Karate fighter. She goes undercover to get to a dominatrix, completely unaware that she herself is being stalked by a hired killer. The closer she gets to her target, the more dangerous her mission becomes.

Silver is a relatively short film, which is the only good thing I can say about it. The performances are terrible, the action is bland and the cinematography is a total disgrace. It looks like Miike wanted to be done with this one as quickly as possible, and I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of production issue completely messed up this film. Avoid, unless you want to get in that extra Miike hit.

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