2016 / 106m - Ireland
Music, Drama
Sing Street poster


June 28, 2021


A sweet coming of age story, though one that lacks a bit of punch. It felt like I'd seen this film before. Young romance, some Britpop from the 80s, a gang of losers forming a band and overcoming adversities. It's really just a mix of popular elements that offers little or no suprise at all. But at least the execution was on point.

Conor is a young kid whose parents are short on cash. He has to switch school and ends up in a world that isn't really his. To get his mind off of things, he starts a band to impress a band. He recruits some guys from his new school and invites the girl to perform in a music video. For that, they'll have to write a song first.

Performances are solid, the comedy is pleasant, and the characters are charming. The music/retro angle isn't very original though and both the drama and the romance feel a little too flimsy to leave a real impression. It's certainly not a bad film just not quite distinctive enough to set itself apart.