Japan [1993] - 104m
Crime, Thriller
Directed by
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May 04, 2021


Japanese directors rarely fare well when they venture outside their home turf, the 80s and 90s weren't really Wakamatsu's best eras either. Just to say that expectations were pretty low when I started Singapore Sling. I wasn't really prepared for a film this bad though, it is no doubt one of the worst things I've seen from Wakamatsu up until this point.

Tatsuya is on a honeymoon in Australia. A couple of unfortunate encounters land him in jail, where he's imprisoned without a chance of ever getting out again. His wife tries her best to launch an appeal, but it's Tatsuya's inmates who are his best chance of escaping his current predicament.

The performances are terrible, the soundtrack is absolutely atrocious, the films looks dirt cheap and the action is bland (though it's still the best part of the film). I'm not quite sure what drove Wakamatsu to make this, it's just a poor mix of crime, thriller and action elements that doesn't even make sense as cheap shelf filler.

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