France [2020] - 110m
Sci-fi, Action
Directed by
Liam O'Donnell
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December 24, 2020


It took me 30 minutes to realize Skylines was part of a bigger franchise, to make things worse I'd already seen the first two films. That's definitely not a good sign, after sitting through this film it's clear why I didn't really remember much of the earlier ones. This isn't really the kind of cheese I appreciate.

Rose Corley was born with supernatural powers, powers she'll need to save the Earth from a looming alien invasion. She travels with a squad to the home planet of the aliens to steal a device that will help them to ward off the aliens. Once there, she learns that the briefing of her mission wasn't entirely truthful (big surprise!).

Skylines is a rather CG-heavy film that's padded with a lot of bad one-liners, mediocre action and lazy comedy. The designs are kitsch, the 80s/90s vibe is pretty annoying and the performances are weak. I welcome any big and bold alien-based sci-fi flicks though, so there was at least something to enjoy here.

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