USA [2018] - 102m
Action, Adventure
Directed by
Rawson Marshall Thurber
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Skyscraper poster


October 08, 2020


Dwayne Johnson and the skyscraper. Some films offer exactly what you expect from them, Skyscraper is such a film. That's not too surprising for a Johsnon-led blockbuster, but this modern Die Hard clone makes very little effort to add anything unique, except maybe its Hong Kong setting.

Johnson plays a security guy who gets to oversee one of the most hi-tech buildings in the world. Of course, it's a setup and terrorists have to get involved. They take over the tower, use all the fancy tech stuff to their advantage and force Johnson to be the action hero he's supposed to be.

The film is quite spectacular, Johnson is a decent lead and some of the hi-tech stuff helps to spruce up familiar action scenes. It's also extremely cheesy though and if you expect anything remotely serious, you're definitely picking the wrong film. It's solid blockbuster entertainment, but nothing more. They do deserve props for keeping it short.

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