Canada [2020] - 77m
Comedy, Horror
Directed by
Elza Kephart
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October 12, 2021


Horror cinema has dealt with some weird and outrageous murderous objects throughout the years, but a pair of jeans is certainly a novel one. The premise of Slaxx is quite intriguing, Kephart has the comedy part down too, but the horror bits are clearly a lot harder to navigate.

Libby starts working for CCC, a clothing shop that preaches ethical clothing. On her first day there, a new pair of auto-fitting jeans is introduced, said to revolutionize the clothing business. It turns out that the jeans does more than adapt to body shapes though, the first girl trying them out ends up dead not long after.

As a comedy Slaxx is pretty decent, even if some characters feel a little flat and overdone. Sadly, the horror elements are pretty subpar. The murderous jeans fail to look scary, too many of the kills happen entirely off-screen, and the effects are too basic. Slaxx is short and decently paced, sporting some solid laughs and a fun premise, but as a horror/comedy it's just a bit too flimsy.