Chi Xian Zhen Bian Ren
1991 / 97m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
Slickers vs. Killers poster


February 18, 2023


A middle-of-the-road Sammo Hung production. With Hung behind as well as in front of the camera, my expectations of the film were a tad higher. This didn't look or feel like an early 90s HK film though, more like a throwaway mid-'80s action flick. There's some basic fun to be had, it's just very limited.

Hung is a salesman, who one day witnesses the murder of a Triad boss. The killers recognize Hung, who now fears for his life. His trauma is so bad that he seeks out a psychiatrist, but there he runs into the killers again. They too are trying to get rid of some less desirable urges, namely killing people.

The setup is pretty funny and the mix of comedy, action, and crime is a staple of Hong Kong cinema. The fights aren't that tightly choreographed though and the film looks quite a bit older than it is. Slickers vs Killers is pretty decent Hong Kong filler, but I know Sammo Hung can do better.