2022 / 117m - USA
Adventure, Fantasy
Slumberland poster


December 27, 2022


A pleasant fantasy aimed at somewhat younger viewers, but with enough appeal to keep the rest of the audience entertained. It may have helped that I never read the source material (or watched/played any of its adaptations), which is why it all felt just a little fresher than it might for others more familiar with the original book.

Nemo grows up with her dad on a small, remote island. When one night he doesn't return from the sea, Nemo is forced to move with her uncle to the big city. When she falls asleep, she ends up in Slumberland, a place where she bumps into an old friend of her father's, who promises Nemo she might find him there.

Momoa doing Johnnie Depp isn't the best idea, but other than that this was a pretty solid fantasy film. The fantastical bits are lush, the pacing is solid even though the runtime is a tad long, and Barkley and O'Dowd deliver good performances. Simple but fun entertainment, which is what I'd hoped to see.