UK, USA [2017] - 119m
Directed by
Tomas Alfredson
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August 21, 2021


Basic Scandinavian police thriller, only with UK/USA actors. It's a pretty well-respected niche, though I never really got into it myself. Most of these films (and series for that matter) suffer from the same shortcomings. The Snowman doesn't even try to stand out from its peers and ends up being a forgettable thriller.

Harry Hole is a police detective suffering from a serious burnout. A new case, featuring several women who have disappeared without a clear motive catches his attention. Together with a new recruit he starts an investigation, which puts them on the trail of a mysterious serial killer who leaves behind snowmen wherever he goes.

Performances aren't bad, and the setting is a real treat, other than that this film has little to offer. The plot is boring, the reveals are lame, the runtime isn't really justifiable, and the direction is way too cliché. The first hour, when the film is busy setting up all the pieces, is kind of okay, things quickly go downhill after that.