Tabutta Rövasata
1996 / 76m - Turkey
Somersault in a Coffin poster


July 06, 2021


An inconspicuous little Turkish drama. I'm not too familiar with Turkish cinema yet, so I don't really know where a film like this fits into their industry, but it comes off like a pretty typical social, neorealistic drama, sporting a cast of tragic characters trying to survive in the margins of society.

Mahsun is a skilled thief who lives Rumelihisari, one of the oldest quarters of Istanbul. He is known for nicking cars to escape from the cold nights, returning them to their owners all cleaned and proper. The police is tired of dealing with Mahsun, luckily he gets help from some local fishermen.

The lead actor isn't too bad, the rest of the cast is decidedly worse. The cinematography is bland, the soundtrack is almost complete absent and the drama is rather predictable. It's not a very remarkable film, but if social drama is your thing you should give this one a chance. If not, it's probably best to ignore this one.