2023 / 92m - USA
There's Something Wrong with the Children poster


January 18, 2023


Children in horror films, it's always a gamble. Kids can be pretty damn creepy, but when they're not, things get silly real fast. And that's exactly where There's Something Wrong with the Children falters. Benjamin tries really hard to make a scary film, but she never really gets to that point.

Two couples are having a weekend out in the woods. When they visit an old fort, they find a bottomless pit. The kids are infatuated with the mysterious hole, but when they return from their little hike, they're not quite the same. Only Ben seems aware of their transformation, while the others doubt his sanity.

The performances (including the parents) are pretty weak and the kids don't pose a plausible threat. The setting is underused, and so are the fantastical elements, but at least the presentation made an effort to add some dread to the film. Overall it's a bit underwhelming though, Shankland's The Children did it a lot better.