Also known as
El Hijo
Argentina [2019] - 92m
Directed by
Sebastián Schindel
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July 20, 2020


Argentinian thriller that turned out to be a little too predictable for its own good. Director Schindel tries to spice things up by messing around with the chronology of the narrative, the problem is that it's too transparent and it takes away some of the tension. Not really what you want from a good thriller.

The setup is nice enough. A painter and his wife are trying really hard to get a child, but when luck is finally on their side, the mom gets extremely protective of her newborn. That's the story of the painter at least, after he gets apprehended by the police for hitting his wife. Of course the film is keeping those pivotal scenes to itself until late in the second half.

Performances are decent but nothing exceptional. The cinematography isn't anything special either and a thriller could really use a better soundtrack. The film is short and the pacing is decent, it never really drags either, but without tangible tension it just isn't a great success. Simple filler.