USA [2020] - 84m
Thriller, Sci-fi
Directed by
Adam Mason
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June 16, 2021


Too soon? Not sure if people are ready to watch an apocalyptic COVID-19/lockdown film as we're just on the verge of lifting lockdown, the empty theater surely seemed to suggest Songbird jumped the gun. Personally, I think it's interesting to release it right now, as it lends the film some extra urgency.

We're in the fourth year of lockdown, people aren't allowed outside their homes, unless they're immune and have the bracelet to prove it. Nico is a courier who delivers packages to the rich, his girlfriend is locked inside with her aunt. When the aunt gets sick, Nico doesn't have much time to save his girlfriend.

Songbird is a pretty simple film, blending action, sci-fi and thriller elements with a topical setting. The cast is decent, the pacing is solid, the plot offers enough tension. Mason fails to really make it anything more than a simple genre film though, entertaining enough, but hardly a must-see.