USA [1982] - 150m
Drama, Romance
Directed by
Alan J. Pakula
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Sophie's Choice poster


May 29, 2021


Though the film is quite famous for its central conundrum, it's really just the abstract notion of the impossible choice that stands out here. The film itself is a schmaltzy, insincere and badly directed tearjerker that outstays its welcome. The worst kind of Oscar bait really, no surprise it took me so long to catch up with it.

Stingo is a young writer who moves to New York to further his career. He ends up staying in a house with Sophie (a Holocaust survivor) and Nathan (an American Jew fascinated by the Holocaust). Stingo is infatuated with Sophie, who appreciates his attention and slowly opens up, baring her tragic past.

Apart from MacNicol's solid performance, there's very little to like here. Streep's atrocious Polish accent, the sentimental plot, the lyrical dialogues and the tepid pacing all drag the film down. Not even the famous scene managed to impress me, which just illustrates the overall poor showing of Pakula. Very drab.