2021 / 94m - USA
Sound of Violence poster


April 15, 2021


Disappointing. I was really looking forward to a horror film that put sound front and center, even made it part of its premise, but the film itself doesn't live up to its potential. Noyer leaves too many possibilities unexplored and doesn't commit enough to the ones he tackles.

The sound design is the biggest problem, from a film like this I expected something snappier, darker and more daring. And with a lead character that is into experimental music, killing people to convert their misery into electronic dance music, the actual music is way too flat and uninspired. I understand I have a rather high bar when it comes to music, but this just wasn't raw and angry enough

Performances aren't great either (some secondary part in particular are below the norm), the police investigation is poor and while pretty original, the kills lack impact. While that sounds harsh, there is quite a bit to like too. The premise is original, the key scenes are well executed and the finale is pretty rad, it just wasn't enough to lift it past the disappointment.