Gekijouban SPEC: Kurôzu - Zen no Hen
2013 / 94m - Japan
Fantasy, Crime
SPEC: Close Incarnation poster


April 30, 2023


One of Tsutsumi's many SPEC-related projects. It's almost impossible to keep track of everything Tsutsumi was doing back then, not in the least because there are many TV tie-ins with shows that are virtually unavailable in the West. I watched this film knowing very little about the SPEC lore, that said, it was basic enough to catch up while watching.

SPEC holders are people with special abilities, humans fear them and different nations are banding together to get rid of the SPECs altogether. The operation is called Simple Plan, but the SPECs won't go down without a fight, and the bond between the different nations is starting to show some cracks.

The quality is a bit better compared to the SPEC TV movies, but its TV roots are still too obvious. The plot and lore are pretty fun though and the film gets pretty zany and outrageous during the second half. If you can stomach live-action anime adaptations and you're able to navigate a franchise without access to all the parts, this is pretty entertaining.