UK [2021] - 117m
Directed by
Pablo Larraín
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March 03, 2022


After the success of Jackie, it's no surprise Pablo Larraín would go on to tackle another strong female icon. He landed on Princess Diana and managed to cast Kristen Stewart for the role, next to a pretty impressive secondary cast. The result is intriguing, though a little aimless and somewhat untrustworthy (which is always tricky for a biography).

Princess Diana arrives at Sandringham estate to spend the Christmas period with the royal family. She hates the traditions and the way her life is lived for her at these gatherings. Her every move is watched and discussed, which puts her on edge. Even her servants worry about her physical and mental health.

Larraín keeps a tight focus and uses this particular event to showcase Diana's broader discontent with her life as a princess. A discomforting soundtrack and strong performance of Stewart add the necessary flair, but the film is rather one-note and the picture that is being painted of Diana does feel a little simplistic. At least it's a very cinematic picture, which is a nice change of pace for a biography.

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