2020 / 111m - USA
Action, Thriller
Spenser Confidential poster


July 12, 2020


A very typical Wahlberg vehicle. He plays another rough but just hero who is willing the save the day, even though the world he lives in isn't doing him any favors. The film is directed by Peter Berg, whose work tends to be pretty decent, but a little uneven and rarely hides something outstanding.

The story is very basic. Wahlberg is a former cop who took the fall when he tried to do the right thing. After 5 years in prison, he plans to reboot his life, but the secrets of his past are catching up with him before he manages to escape. Together with his buddies he goes after the people who put him in prison all these years ago.

It's nothing special and that's exactly how Berg directs the film. It looks inconspicuous, the music sounds bland, performances are rather plain and the plot is terribly predictable. As a thriller, the film fails to engage, luckily the ending is a bit more action-packed, thogh that's hardly enough to make this a stand-out.