Spirit of Wonder: China-san no Yûutsu
1992 / 42m - Japan
Comedy, Sci-fi - Animation
Spirit of Wonder: Miss China's Ring poster


April 13, 2023


This was a very nice surprise. Miss China's Ring is a lo-fi sci-fi tale with some pretty cool animation and an attractive art style. I hadn't heard about the film before, which is a tad surprising considering its relatively broader appeal, but it's always cool to bump into a hidden gem. It's not grand enough to be a true anime classic, but that's about the only negative I can come up with.

Miss China is the owner of a small tavern, she also rents out one of her rooms to an old inventor. The inventor is often late with the rent and his inventions are so outrageous that he can't get proper funding for them. Miss China has a crunch on his apprentice though, and she decides to give the inventors a chance to prove their worth.

The plot is pretty simple and the comedy a little crass, then again this is a short 90s OAV, so what did you expect? I did like the detailed art style and the love that went into the animation, a clear step up from similar projects of the time. The slight sci-fi elements are a nice touch and there's a sweetness and lightness to the film that makes it a very easy watch. Fun.