Also known as
Ling Huan Zhi Zun
Hong Kong [1991] - 93m
Horror, Comedy, Action
Directed by
Min Kan Ng
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Spiritual Trinity poster


October 25, 2021


Hong Kong genre work from the early 90s. A traditional mix of comedy, action and horror elements, combined to serve 90 minutes of mindless entertainment. Spiritual Trinity certainly isn't the most original film, it doesn't even pretend to be anything more than genre filler, but it does deliver on its promise, which is sure to please genre fans.

A young boy gets his family into trouble when he plays around with some science gear. The device shoots a ghost from the sky, which lands at their house and begins to haunt the place. In the meantime, two vampire hunters are chasing a particularly malicious demon. The two parties meet up, which results in quite a bit of chaos.

I'm quite fond of films like this, so I'm always happy to bump into some lesser known ones. Spiritual Trinity is straight up genre fare, but the fights are pretty cool, the styling is on point and the comedy is pleasantly daft. Hard to recommend, but if you've seen and liked all the bigger films in the genre, it's a pretty safe bet.

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