Sei Sung Saw Liu
2009 / 90m - Hong Kong
Split Second Murders poster


August 13, 2013


I actually looked forward to this film, on paper it sounded pretty interesting and Yau has the capacity to be a talented director. There was no lack of potential here, but the result felt drab and uninspired, a filler project for Yau to keep himself busy in between other projects. A different director might have done better with it.

Luk is a talented comic book artist, but he's not having too much success with his work. His editor suggests more action and death, but Luk doesn't feel comfortable writing about these subjects. To meet them in the middle, he starts looking around for interesting conflicts and imagines how they could have fatal outcomes.

This film could've been a nice and entertaining mix of comedy and horror, but it doesn't succeed in either genre. The performances are terrible, the horror elements are spineless, and the comedy isn't too successful either. I'm not really sure what motivated Yau to make this film, but it's pretty clear that his heart wasn't really in it.