2022 / 94m - USA
Spoonful of Sugar poster


March 03, 2023


Mad kid meets mad nanny. Spoonful of Sugar offers a somewhat peculiar mix of horror elements, but the film's a bit too nice and proper to make the best use of them. I will say that the finale was a real treat, but that wasn't quite enough to turn this into an exceptional film. It's not your basic niche genre filler though.

Millicent wants to break with her dark past. After a couple of bad experiences with foster families, she aims to be a better parent herself. She becomes the nanny of Johnny, a young kid with special needs. Millicent is the only one who really gets through to him, to the point where his mother becomes a bit jealous of their relationship.

Evil kids and evil nannies aren't too uncommon in a horror film, but it's rare to see a combination of both. The direction is decent (but not too remarkable), the performances are solid and the finale hits home, it's just that the actual horror elements are a tad tame and uneventful. Still, worth a watch.