Chuet Chung Tit Gam Gong
2003 / 112m - Hong Kong
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March 14, 2009


Jing Wong does James Bond. Or at least, the comedy version of James Bond. Wong tries to reinvent himself here and comes with a modernized version of his 80s comedies, the problem is that his attempts to rejuvenate mostly fall flat. Practice makes perfect in Hong Kong, yet it's clear that this film was one of the early attempts to give Hong Kong comedy a new start.

The plot is a complete Bond rip-off, the kicker is that the best secret agent gets infected with a virus that makes him behave like a 6-year-old child. That doesn't stop him from chasing the bad guys though, which leads to some hilarious situations. At least, that was the theory.

There are a few successful parodies and like all Wong's films, the pacing and runtime make certain it never gets too dull of boring, but the execution feels pretty cheap and Ka-Fai isn't really the man for the job. Certainly not the worst Hong Kong comedy out there, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you've seen most of Wong's oeuvre already.