2003 / 84m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure
Spy Kids 3: Game Over poster


June 08, 2024


Some movies feel like playing a video game, this movie about a video game had me questioning if the writers ever one. This is clearly a film for a younger audience, which is still a bit weird considering Robert Rodriguez directed it, but I feel more could've been done with it to up the quality a little.

Juni has separated from the OSS, but when he hears his sister is trapped inside a video game, he has no choice but to help them out once again. Juni needs to enter the game and reach the final level, but there are many traps along the way and some of the other players he meets don't necessarily want to work with him.

The CG is horrendous, the game mechanics make no sense and the performances are pretty crummy too. But the sense of adventure is present and the film is properly paced and doesn't overstay its welcome. I don't think I would've been a big fan of this when I was younger, but it's also not the worst of its kind.