1928 / 70m - USA
Comedy, Action
Steamboat Bill, Jr. poster


December 21, 2021


One of Keaton's weaker films, despite its strong reputation. It's a film that puts a bit more focus on the plot (which isn't much to look at) and the comedy (which is pretty basic), and keeps the spectacular tricks until very late in the second half. By then, I'd already lost most of my interest.

William Canfield owns an old boat, his biggest competitor just bought a state of the art one. William is waiting to see his son after graduating, hoping he might help him out on the boat. He is sorely disappointed when his son turns out to be a scrawny little fella. Even so, he takes him on board as part of his crew.

I like Keaton for his spectacular action sequences, and the finale delivers in that regard. Not quite up there with his most impressive work, but there are some inspired moments that come off pretty nifty. The comedy is very stale though and the pacing is pretty uneven too. I expected more from this one.