Also known as
Sutiru Raifu Obu Memorizu
Japan [2018] - 107m
Directed by
Hitoshi Yazaki
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September 03, 2021


I've seen quite a few Japanese dramas, but this one was quite peculiar. It's a surprisingly demure film, certainly considering its premise. It's also probably a bit too artsy for its own good, but after a somewhat rough start, director Yazaki manages to create something quite beautiful and magical.

Haruma is a photographer who specializes in black and white photography. One day Rei visits one of Haruma's exhibitions. She's quite taken with his work and commissions a photoshoot. Haruma somewhat reluctantly agrees and finds himself conflicted when he is asked to photograph Rei's genitalia.

The story about an artist becoming infatuated and somewhat overwhelmed by a new and rather taboo subject certainly isn't new, but Yazaki's particular blend of cold and warm drama is quite unique. The performances are strong, there are some memorable moments and some pretty emotional scenes. Not everything works, the beginning is a little too tough for its own good, but stick with it, and you might discover a very worthwhile drama.

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