Sumaho wo Otoshita Dake Na no Ni: Toraware no Satsujinki
2020 / 118m - Japan
Stolen Identity 2 poster


November 20, 2022


More of the same, only less interesting. Nakata's Stolen Identity was a decent but somewhat bland techno-thriller, the second part is a bit blander still. It feels too much like an expanded TV series episode, void of cinematic qualities and only interested in serving a police investigation with mediocre twists and turns.

Urano is safely locked behind bars, but new bodies turn up in the same place Urano ditched his victims. Detective Kagaya learns that somebody helped Urano, and the only way to get to him is by using Urano's dark web access. The police cut a deal with him and together they try to catch M, the mastermind behind the entire operation.

The cinematography is poor, the performances leave a lot to be desired and the plot is mediocre. The second half is a little better, as there are some proper reveals, but it's not enough to make this a worthwhile film. It's decent thriller filler, but Nakata can do so much better. Too lazy for its own good.