USA [1984] - 89m
Drama, Comedy
Directed by
Jim Jarmusch
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October 14, 2020


Jarmusch' second film is where it really started for him. I'm not a big fan of his work, but I will admit that more often than not his films have a certain appeal. I'm always willing to give them a fair chance, but they rarely manage to impress. In that respect, Stranger Than Paradise fits in rather well with the rest of his oeuvre.

The plot is extremely minimal. It starts when Willie's cousin Eva is forced to stay with him for a little while. After a short visit Eva moves in with her aunt in Cleveland, one year later Willie and his friend Eddie take a little time off to go and visit Eva. That's all there is to it really, the plot's just there to get characters on the road.

The stark black and white cinematography is nice and gives the film a little extra flair. The soundtrack is rather poor though and performances are stilted, which doesn't really fit the slice-of-life approach this film is gunning for. At least it's light, with a fun ending, but overall not that impressive.

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