USA [1999] - 84m
Adventure, Fantasy
Directed by
Rob Minkoff
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August 04, 2020


Mediocre children's fodder with at least some charm present. Especially compared to more recent films, Stuart Little isn't all that bad, though I wouldn't really recommend it either. It's just that after a gazillion ADD US CG vehicles, I was happy to find a film that's at least a little easier on the ears and brain.

Stuart's a little mouse who gets adopted into a human family. If that makes no sense, don't worry, it's not meant to. It's just a silly premise that launches a story about Stuart trying to adapt to his new family. A process that isn't helped by the fact that his new family have a cat roaming around the house.

The story is rather bare bones, the comedy is questionable and performances are mediocre, but at least the film is colorful and short and the animation is pretty okay, especially for its age. A decent option if you have kids and you want to give them something light, though I'd dread having to see this film multiple times.

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