1985 / 104m - France
Comedy, Crime
Subway poster


October 24, 2021


Luc Besson's second feature film. A fun and whimsical crime story in the subway of Paris, that maintains a light vibe throughout. Some familiar faces (I never even new Christopher Lambert was French), a wayward narrative and an interesting blend of genres makes this a fun little diversion.

Fred it being chased by some hardened criminals, after blowing their boss' vault. He finally loses them in the Paris subway, but doesn't dare to come out again. In the underground tunnels he meets up with some of society's rejects and decides to stick around for a while. The only thing that gets Fred to leave his hideout is Héléna, an alluring woman.

The most interesting thing about Subway is that it doesn't have a set narrative or clear plot. It's basically just Fred being chased in the subway and meeting up with some weird fellas, while passing the time as he tries to figure out where to go with his life. The soundtrack is decent, the cinematography is playful, and the performances are pretty light and fun. A solid Besson.