USA [2021] - 132m
Comedy, Action
Directed by
James Gunn
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August 08, 2021


A nice return to form for James Gunn. Far away from Marvel's tight control, Gunn is allowed to combine horror and comedy elements to brighten an overworked superhero concept. And he actually pulls it off. The Suicide Squad is far from perfect, but it's a lot better than most of its peers.

A team of criminals is assembled to carry out a mission in Corto Maltese, a small island where a secret facility houses a terrifying weapon. Once there, it quickly transpires that their lives aren't worth all that much and that they haven't been given full security clearance. Even so, they have no other option than to carry out the mission.

Gunn's comedy is pleasantly blunt and stupid, which goes perfectly well with the comic book vibe. There are several stand-out scenes (Quinn's flower battle is amazing) and some very cool jokes, the action scenes are a tad dull though and there's a bit too much empty filler to keep it engaging all the way through. Still, I hope Gunn can have another go as this was so much better than the first one.

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