Che Goh Ha Tin Yau Yee Sing
2002 / 107m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Summer Breeze of Love poster


June 30, 2020


A surprisingly decent film from Joe Ma. A romantic comedy written around "the twins" doesn't sound too appealing on paper. Truth be told, you don't have to expect miracles from this film either, but Summer Breeze of Love turns out to be quite effective, offering light and easily digestible entertainment that never feels misplaced.

The film bathes in a warm summer glow, which is definitely part of the appeal. Some slick and attractive camera work certainly doesn't hurt either. Even Choi and Chung seem to be feeling at ease here. Not that Joe Ma asks a lot of their characters, the romance and the resulting drama is quite stereotypical, but they deliver on what they're asked to do.

The comedy is pretty typical for a Hong Kong film, which may put people off if they're not familiar with it, but even then the romance and light drama is probably enough to redeem this film. Summer Breeze of Love delivers exactly what it promises, and just as long as you don't expect anything too deep or serious that should be enough.