Also known as
Samâ Taimu Mashin Burûsu
Japan [2005] - 107m
Comedy, Sci-fi
Directed by
Katsuyuki Motohiro
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Summer Time Machine Blues poster


January 14, 2021


A cute variation on the usual time travel mumbo jumbo. It's not often you see these narratives executed as straight comedies, but Motohiro finds plenty to make fun of in the back and forth between timelines. It actually beats some of the more serious films handling the same sort of material.

A sci-fi club in a small, rural town is struggling with the summer heat. When the remote of their AC dies and a time machine materializes out of nowhere, they plan to go back a day and steal the remote from their former selves. Things get more complicated when a professor explains to them that they have upset the spacetime continuum, jeopardizing everyone's future.

Motohiro's direction is light and breezy, there are some good gags and the film has that rural summery vibe, which is always a plus. The performances are a bit loud/over-the-top though, which isn't my favorite type of comedy. A deadpan version of this film would've no doubt been a lot better, but Summer Time Machine Blues was better than expected and delivers some solid entertainment.