Le Sommet des Dieux
2021 / 95m - France
Adventure, Drama - Animation
The Summit of the Gods poster


September 05, 2023


After a slew of mountain climbing documentaries, we now have an animated film. I don't quite get the appeal of mountain climbing, nor did I feel the film did a great job transferring it, even though it tried very hard. The Summit of the Gods is mostly saved by a lovely score, more so than its visual qualities.

Fukamachi is a journalist covering the climbs on Mount Everest. The attempts disappoint, but he digs up an interesting story regardless. Mallory, a climber who tried to reach the top in the 20s, supposedly made it. The proof is in a lost camera, which slipped through his fingers.

The art style is a bit plain, and the animation is a tad too basic. I wasn't a big fan of the French dub either, though if still miles ahead of the English one. The score was majestic though and it injects a ton of atmosphere into the film. The plot was okay, and the pacing fine. The potential was there to do more, but overall not too shabby.