Also known as
For Xing Xing Yue Liang Tai Yang: Shang
Hong Kong [1961] - 99m
Romance, War
Directed by
Wen Yi
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December 18, 2021


Yuen Chor didn't just direct a boatload of films, he also wrote a fair few. I'm not even all that surprised that he has writing credits for this rather sentimental romance, just don't expect any of Chor's usual director perks. This is mostly just kitsch without the nice sets, moody lighting and fun mystery/action elements.

Against the backdrop of WWII, Jianbai will meet three different women who will all play a substantial part in his life. There's Lan, a proud village girl (the star), his cousin Qiuming, who is sweet and tender (the moon), and Yan, a passionate woman (the sun) who compels Jianbai to join the war.

The film offers sentimentality galore, and makes little or not effort to offset any of it. The cinematography is bland and functional, the soundtrack is poor, and the performances aren't very subtle either. At least the film isn't too long (though there is a second part), but unless you really love classic sentiment, I wouldn't actively recommend this film to anyone.

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